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Ghost Writing

Ghost Writing

In today’s dynamic world, you don’t have to be a writer to have a book published under your name. Welcome to the world of “Ghost Writing.” As the title implies, a “ghost writer” works with you to write your book and gets the credit at the end....Read more

Speech Writing

Speech Writing

We can be a blessing to you if your job involves making speeches to people. We have expert speech writers who can literally “bring down the house” with the kind of speech they are able to write, in collaboration with you, of course....Read more
Book Editing

Book Editing

When you have invested time, energy, ideas, and money to write a book, it is only fair to you that people never misinterpret your message or get confused while reading it. As writers, we take this aspect of our editing rather seriously...Read more

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Like “house helps”, we take the dirty stuff out of your writing and present it to you in a way that will give you a feeling akin to the one you get when you return to your home or hotel room and see your bed made with clean sheets and everything in place, having left the place in a mess on your way out earlier in the day Read more
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Any time you attempt to write, you invariably put your reputation on the line, for better or for worse. In today’s world, writing has become the most effective medium of communication, especially in business, governance, education, and serious social intercourse, where errors must be reduced to the barest minimum or else the result is needless confusion, loss of confidence, financial liability, eventual crisis, or even outright war.

The problem is that, although the world does not sympathize with any kind of error in any written material, not many people have the time or the competence to meet that need, despite the fact that almost everyone must write something important virtually every day.
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It may be hard to believe, but our major reward comes from the satisfaction of knowing that we were able to meet your need.  Let us support you in all your writing needs, especially because good writing takes time, which you don’t have, since you are busy with other important matters. We are professional Nigerian writers and editors who understand Nigerians and what they require in a write-up, while maintaining international standards of the English language.
We are professional Nigerian writers and
editors who understand Nigerians and
what they require in a write-up
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