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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our services are offered in soft or hard copy formats, depending on your needs. However, we require all jobs to have an accompanying soft copy, which we receive either through email or any storage device.
Why should I choose NBSS?

NBSS is a team of committed, qualified, and passionate writers and editors who take you seriously and love their jobs to the extent of being willing to do it for free.

How does your service work?
What kinds of services do you offer?
Do I need to be online to enjoy your services?
Must I visit your office to be served?
When are you open for business?
What should I expect for paying you?
For paying us, you have every right to expect to receive whatever service we claim to offer in return. As a rule, we do all within our power to satisfy you. It is to ensure this that we always encourage you to give as much detail as possible about what you really want from us from your first contact with us.
Are there payment options?
How long do I have to wait to get my job delivered?
Do you have a minimum order size?
Do you have a minimum charge?
When are you open for business?
We are professional Nigerian writers and
editors who understand Nigerians and
what they require in a write-up
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