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In today’s dynamic world, you don’t have to be a writer to have a book published under your name. Welcome to the world of “Ghost Writing.” As the title implies, a “ghost writer” works with you to write your book, and, at the end of the day, you get the credit as the author of the book.
Here’s how it works: You may be a retired civil servant who had spent 35 years in service, reaching top management position before retirement. You have discovered some challenges in the service and think you have some wisdom to share with the government and people of your country. You are so convinced that your suggestions should be considered that you think of writing a book. But there is just one snag: you are not a professional writer.
This is where ghost writing comes into play. As ghost writers, we will interact with you to the point of getting the basic wisdom you intend to pass on, and proceed to write your book, in active collaboration with you. We design the chapter format, deal with chapter content, style of presentation, sequence, and information flow, because, as expert communicators, we know the best way to communicate in writing. It is important for you to understand that writers are, by virtue of their profession, vast in their store of knowledge, and it is reasonable to expect that a ghost writer will be able to clone your mind and write a book on your behalf. The aid of the internet for quick research, where applicable, has made ghost writing even much easier.
We ghost-write for people who want to do their autobiographies and leave a legacy for the younger generation, politicians who have visions they want to publish in book form as a political tool to increase their chances at the polls, religious leaders who have some wisdom to share with members of their esoteric community, people who have garnered experiences they feel is worth putting in permanent form, storytellers who want their stories published as novels, professionals who have discovered something interesting and useful, or just anyone with a desire to get the status of “author.”
Everyone can be an author today. Thanks to “ghost writing.”
We are professional Nigerian writers and
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